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Dear Internet Traveler, 

Welcome to the BarryCo Internet Site. Come on in look around and stay for a while.

What services does BarryCo Technologies provide?

 BarryCo is a creative design and adaptation consulting firm. We specialize in evaluating existing machinery, work environments or projects to improve your productivity, reliability or profitability. BarryCo  applies the same attention to quality and detail that distinguishes your products from your competitors. No matter what the scale of the project, from minor modifications to machinery, an honest evaluation of your product, to production plant overviews, our work is always unique, innovative and effective.

 We believe there is always room for improvement in any project big or small.


 Because involvement with any item big or small, sometimes requires a new or fresh evaluation to see past the limiting factors at hand, I believe that simplifying the processes required is the key to increased profitability and reliability.

 Regardless of what I say  the only true way, to fully appreciate what I can do for your organization is to give me a call.


 Barry Bauman,  BarryCo Technologies Inc.


My Mission

BarryCo was started to aid in the advancement and innovation of many projects both for itself and for you the customer. In some cases a third party liaison is required to put at ease fears or concerns as to the viability of the project to the directors or members of higher standing in your organization.

My goal is to increase productivity and dependability of machinery through simplification and innovation, there by prolonging the useful life of, either new and upcoming projects or otherwise obsolete equipment.

I endeavor to aid you in over coming the many obstacles, which may be in your way for your projects realization of its full potential.

Have you ever wondered is our project ready for the market:

  •  Can I add anything else to make it more appealing?
  •  Is there a more cost effective way of building it?
  •  I have a design issue to over come?
  •  I need a second opinion?
  •  Is this project viable?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then BarryCo can aid you in getting the answers you need to go forward with confidence.

Company Profile

BarryCo Technologies, located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada is a family-owned, wide-ranging consulting firm, with over a twenty-five year history in the areas of food processing, electronics, equipment enhancements, vending machine enhancements, and computer hardware and software innovation.

Over the past years and at the request of many influential individuals in a variety of fields, I have taken the step of creating BarryCo Technologies to better service a wide variety of customers at a nominal cost to each.

I strongly believe, working with you and your needs rather than pushing my ideas on you, is the right way to create and innovative solution that will be beneficial in ensuring the utmost profitability in any operation or project you may be considering or moving forward.

In some cases as I have found, an individual idea which alone may not be viable as a whole, can contain an element in it that could be exactly what's required for the successful completion of another project. By bringing these existing technologies together in a completed package all can benefit, from the multiple holders of the technology to the end users.

 In addition to multiple patented and patent pending ideas and having helped numerous companies in there endeavors, I would like to help your organization in any way you see fit by utilizing my abilities to the fullest.


Confidentiality: All data whether pictorial, verbal or electronic will be kept on a confidential basis until completion then discarded or returned at your request. Only the person in contact with us, from your organization will be privy to the evaluation comments or enhancements supplied by us.


The following quotes have been used to describe BarryCo Technologies in the past

  •  "How do you keep coming up with these ideas?"
  •  "I know if I tell you it can't be done, you will do it"
  •  "I like to deal with you, because you fair and easy to deal with"
  •  "Your gut feeling is amazingly accurate"
  •  "You should be working with the automobile manufactures in research and development"
  •  "Your current technologies aside, I find your thought processes very impressive"
  •  "Barry Bauman has a life-long passion for developing new ways to overcome technical problems. His genius has developed the new patented mechanism for delivering large volume PET bottles and 1 and 2 liter square cartons form standard vending machines." -John C. Hall IPA
  •  "Do you mind if I see how you did it, boy is that simple" -John W. Coleman Commercial Manager for Advanced Telemetry for British Telecom

Contact Information

We are locate in Central Ontario just outside Toronto Canada. This area is also referred to as the Golden Triangle. Time zone GMT -05:00 or US eastern time if you prefer.

Postal address
107 Trailview Dr, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2N 1P7
Electronic mail
General Information: barrybauman@barrycotechnologies.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: barrybauman@yahoo.com


Send mail to barrybauman@yahoo.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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