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Intellectual Properties
Real estate




Our intention is to bring buyers, sellers, users, and manufactures together to benefit all through mediation and reality  of the items value, sometimes it takes a outside individual to clear up misunderstandings or roomers.

You will not find prices here as the items and terms are flexible in nature and we believe their is a "happy place" for all parties. Remember the our mission is to aid all parties involved for the benefit of each.

One of our main policies is to not allow our customers to get caught up in price gouging from either side. In support of this policy all items listed on this section are required to have an evaluation preformed by BarryCo as to the items cost effectiveness or a good value to dollar ratio and future potential. Some evaluations are waved depending on the clarity of the initial submission and/or the simplicity of the item.

We do not list just anything, it is our policy to work for the betterment of all parties involved, to this end all parties have to be satisfied.

Intellectual Properties- is dedicated items of a salable or contractual nature, usually patents or inventor services.

Real estate section- From time to time we are asked or come across good value or flexible people willing to deal to move their real estate.

Equipment Section- Many different types of machinery get listed here.

Software Section- whether the software was coded by us or an evaluation was preformed or sometimes just good value and productive.

Electronics- tips, tricks, schematics, wiring diagrams 

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